Are you ready?

Gtext Homes Brings First Ever Residential Tower to BeryL Estate - Asaba

Few days to take off.

Gtext airlines is heading to Asaba. You do not want to miss this flight.

We are launching Beryl Asaba soon.

Did you know?

Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people and still growing. Statistics have shown that 87% of the total household population in Nigeria live in rented apartments.

This fact, no doubt, makes Nigeria a viable investment destination for local and foreign investors, given the large size of her population.

Why then do you wait? Tick-Tock says the clock, opportunity waits for no one.

In case you are still wondering; “Do I need this?”

Ponder no more, below are Beryl Asaba desirable features:

• Proximity to the Asaba international airport
• Still at a pre-launch price (but not for long)
• Situated at the heart of mineral resources
• Huge return on investment
• Green and smart estate.

Asaba, we’ve arrived. Watch out!! This is a big one.
Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

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