We know you could have tried to make out some plans this year, but were not forthcoming, due to the fact that you have to face the challenges of the pandemic.

This implies that it doesn’t affect you alone, but other people around the globe. We’ve seen how death separate loved ones, leaving them with no hope, jobs were lost, poor sense of smart investment lead some people go broke and left with the grass.

Amidst the roller coaster, 2020 as definitely taught you and I — a lesson or more about our personal life, relationship and finances 

It would rather not be a time, for the hype of “Detty December” than to be thankful for being a survival!

“Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.” — Theodore Roosevelt

As a means of being thankful for 2020, Gtext Homes as come up with an initiative to give back to the community at large, and you definitely would be a game changer when you participate.

We would be reaching out to Orphanage homes, widow homes, old infirm homes and more street side needy. To touch their lives on your behalf, by simply doing this:

When you buy any of our properties, 10% of what you paid would be used to sponsor all foods, groceries and toiletries that would be given to them. While you also stand a chance to get a complete Gtext Hamper worth $250. Click Here to buy any of our Property:>>https://gtexthomes.com/our-properties/

Alongside, would be given to you a personalized quality video of the footage taken during the course of this initiative. Which would come in handy with the Gtext Client Loyalty Card as well. 

For Donations

Be a part of this initiative by putting a smile of hope on someone’s face today while you secure your future for a better tomorrow. You can make your donations via the bank details provided below

Account Name: Gtexthomes

Account Number: 1017170188

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account Name: Gtexthomes

Account Number: 1243662862

Bank Name: Access Bank

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